Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another Random Sketch

Summer seems to be a good time for generating ideas. Perhaps the sap flowing in the trees also get the blood flowing in the brain.
Alien Victorian Feminist Bounty Hunters. Perhaps.
From left to right: Samantha Pluet, human, wielding her trusty stun-gun. She's the negotiator, but occaisionally she has to knock some heads in order to get her crew out of bad situations. Dr. Quill (Medicine Woman) who comes from an advanced species of crows, once a very warlike people who have turned their knowlege of anatomy to a more peaceful pursuit of advanced medicine. And then there's Treebee...what can I say about Treebee. Don't let her Goldilocks look fool you. She's 500 years old. Of course for her species (humanoid, experts of teleportation) 500 years is about the equivalent for 10 years of our time.
I might pursue this as an actual project sometime in the future.

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