Monday, December 1, 2008


It is always interesting to get an assignment that deals with an abstract idea.
If Hope were to shop in a grocery store, what would she look like?
I had the chance to explore this idea when illustrating a wonderful story by Rachel Snyder for the Women's Times.  
My first thought of what Hope would look like was a little fluffy flying creature, with wide, trusting eyes:

She's very cute, but at the same time perhaps the most powerful form of hope is being very aware of everything that could go wrong, but still being hopeful anyway.
The illustration that was chosen eventually is a mix between a modern woman and the mythological "Hope."

Keep Hope with you!

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Anonymous said...


I absolutely LOVED your rendition of Hope for my piece in the December issue of The Women's Times. As you suggested, you seamlessly weaved the mythological Hope with the contemporary. It's always tough to send off a story without having any idea what kind of art will accompany my words. However, my Hope springs eternal, and your illustration exceeded my wildest dreams. Perhaps the fluffy, flying Hope will find her place alongside some other words; she, too, deserves to be kept alive.