Thursday, May 8, 2008

Monkey Girl for ABC

So, my friend Lucy sent me a link, and after following that link I found a link to James' Gurney's blog; Gurney Journey. Every week he posts a quote from a science fiction novel, and then illustrators (students and professionals) send him an illustration based on the quote. He calls it "Art By Committee" or, ABC. The picture above is my entry for this week's ABC.
It is a whole lot of fun!

Here's a link to James Gurney's blog:

Lucy also sent me a link to this great website that has 30 second model poses, for art students:
Their main site also has other great resources, like three-dimensional models of hands and feet and torsos etc. that you can rotate in any direction to sketch from.

Still tweaking my book, getting ready to send it to publishers. Hopefully soon I can post some pictures from it.

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