Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rabbit Castles in the Clouds...and Clinton and Obamarama!

When I read the ABC for this week, it made me think of a castle I drew back when I was in the second or third grade, inhabited by a rabbit prince. Everything had bunny ears attached to them, including mirrors and chairs and doorways. The story itself resembled Beauty and the Beast, except there were unicorns everywhere, and a dragon to contend with at the end.
So, in a way this piece is an homage to my much more creative, younger self, who now seems quite alien to me.

I will have to find that original rabbit picture someday and post it on my blog with this one.
The quote for this week was: "It may have been a castle, but it was unlike anything you'd see in history books. An alien hand had drawn the blueprints; I was willing to bet on that."
Here's a link to James Gurney's Blog, where you can see the rest of the ABC entries:

And on a completely different note, I thought I would post an illustration I did for the Women's Times for an article about the Democratic race between Clinton and Obama, and the conflicting feelings women had about who to vote for, because of the two movements they each sort of represent the triumph of (the civil rights movement and the women rights movement):

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Eric Orchard said...

Great job on Mr. Gurney's blog! Yours won as far as I'm concerned.
Nice pics of the hopefuls here too.